Durst Label Workflow is optimized for our Tau printer series. This comprehensive solution covers all processes from data management and print data preparation to output on the printer and reporting. Access to the software is browser-based and can also be managed without any additional installations from mobile devices. The Durst Print Workflow Label system offers a range of modules that can be expanded at any time and adapted to the requirements at hand. The various modules include solutions for variable data printing, ink cost calculations, the digital color management system, job management and much more.

Along the process chain, Durst Print Workflow ensures that:

  • The print data is displayed clearly and in a modern manner in the browser window
  • True-color measurement values are available for special colors (Delta E94/Delta E2000 material-related)
  • The variable data printing (texts, numbering, images and bar codes) can be carried out via Adobe Illustrator
  • Informative reports are available for customer communication
  • All process steps are documented and can be retrieved and repeated at any time




Errors can be quickly corrected by users with minimal prepress experience. In order to be able to carry out 90 percent of the daily prepress work directly in the Workflow, over 95 Corrections are made available to the user. These include resizing and calculating distortions, Spot Color adjustment, creating cutting information, creating white or varnish forms, controlling overprint behavior, converting fonts to paths, rotating or mirroring print data, controlling the definition of black, and trimming print data based on the cut line to minimize ink consumption.

The creation and rendering of Variable Data can be mapped by the user directly in the Workflow. Content such as serial numbers, color areas, image data, barcodes and QR codes can be designed and applied in a variety of ways: variably, dynamically or based on a control file (CSV file) using our Adobe Illustrator Plug-In.

When print data is uploaded, a complete check and normalization of the data, which can be configured by the user, as well as calculation of ink consumption for the print file is carried out. Whether the production is cheaper only with CMYK or with the use of the additional OVG colors can be calculated immediately. The essential factor, ink price, is hence immediately available in the system



In order to adapt to the production process and minimize material waste, Impositions must be created in an optimized form. Depending on the process, Step and Repeat, Nesting, Tiling as well as Manual Imposition Modes can be selected. An Imposition can be created directly in the Durst Print Workflow including the ability to create and save custom templates.


Spot colors can be set system, substrate, customer or just print item specific to allow easy management of spot colors and specific optimization. With a Grid Chart all spot colors can be adjusted to fit the requirement of your customer.

Alternatively spot colors can also be set via a measurement using a photo spectrometer.

A Color book including all or only customer specific Pantone colors helps to display and show your color quality.




Print Jobs can either be quickly created using a Force To Print dialog or created based on a collection of files assigned to a customer making it easy to store customer related job information. Material Information can be imported directly from the printer.



Once processing is complete, individual Print Approvals can be created and sent to the customer. The report is an InDesign template and can be defined to your specific layout requirements.

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