Here you will find recordings of selected webinars, tutorials, expert tips and videos for the release notes on the topics of e-business, workflow and analytics. 

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Google Ads Businessplan

In this webinar, Dr. Sebastian Decker, trainer of the Google Zukunftswerkstatt, will show you how to use the free Google Keyword Planner.
Find out how great the demand for your products is.

Duration: 1 hour


Durst Workflow Label

The video shows a typical process from uploading the print files to creating the print job.

Duration: 4:50 Minutes

Variable data

In this video we show you how easy it is to print variable data with Durst Workflow using our Adobe Illustrator plug-in. 

Duration: 4:24 Minutes


Workflow Release Notes 1.8.0

In this video we show you an overview of the Workflow Release Notes 1.8.0. 

Duration: 2:19 Minutes

Analytics Release Notes 1.7.0

In this video we show you an overview of the Analytics Release Notes 1.7.0.

Duration: 0:52 Minutes


Eliminate unknown image constructs

Have you ever had unwanted image constructs in a print item when using Adobe Illustrator? Johanna Weber, from the DPS Sales Team, shows you how to easily eliminate unwanted image constructs using the Durst Workflow.  

Duration: 1:49 Minutes

PrePress Automation

Do you want to simplify your prepress department? We have a great solution for you. Johanna Weber from the DPS Sales Team, shows you how to work more efficiently with the Durst Workflow.

Duration: 1:53 Minutes

Double-sided Nesting

In today's Durst Expert Tip, we highlight another feature which utilizes Double-sided Nesting. Using Yard signs as a practical example, we not only show you how to impose your items quickly but also how to save an Impose Template which will increase productivity and save precious time.

Duration: 1:49 Minutes