We believe in people's desire for individuality

You can offer all imaginable products in your web shop! Our web-to-print software will help you to implement the right sales scenario for your specific clientele and shop type. For example, sell wine labels that customers can design themselves online with images, text and graphics. In addition, you can offer the matching accessories such as a gift bag for wine bottles in your shop. Set up your shop with design templates so the customer only has to customize the text. If your customer wants to reorder any item, it´s an easy process as all job data is stored in his account under "My Orders".

Demo Smart Shop Label

Label Configurator

In addition to supporting your customers in ordering individual labels, we offer you a label configurator for professionals. Using this Label Configurator your business customers can place orders specified on rolls, using specific label material and with variable print data.


Print data is displayed for control purposes and then automatically transferred to production depending on the customer workflow. This allows you to respond flexibly to the different requirements of your customers and you only need one portal for your order management. The Smart Editor is up to any challenge.


One focus of our current product development is the communication of variable graphic content and customizable sizes and shapes for the label industry.


Integration of customer-specific calculations

Data Upload
Upload possibility of several print images per order item

Finishing Options
Availability of a wide range of finishing options

Product Versioning
Up to 10 different versions per product possible

Choice of Materials
Individual material selection per product

Selection of various lamination options

Individual label design using Smart Editor

Simple and fast design through ready-made designs

Web-to-Print for Label

Individual solutions

Individualization is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, customers are willing to pay good prices for unique products, on the other hand, smaller quantities and the inexperience of new users pose challenges for the introduction of these innovations.

We develop solutions with which people can express their desire for individuality. Our editors support you in communicating with your customers. The visual representation is just as important to us as the production of the finished piece.

Comprehensive integration

The Durst Smart Editor is successfully used for the distribution of customizable products.

One focus of our current product development is the communication of variable graphic content and customizable sizes.

Whether on a roll or as a sheet - we develop the right solution for your product. Your customers can quickly and easily design their own individual products - you receive production-ready data. The resulting flexibility gives you an enormous competitive advantage.

Digital change planned

In addition to supporting your customers in the design and ordering of labels, we offer you the complete commercial processing of your orders, including invoicing and organization of payment processes. We ensure seamless integration with both Durst Print Workflow and the customer environment, as well as with your preferred shipping and payment providers. 

This allows you to easily support the different requirements of your customers and you only need one portal to manage orders.


Our solution helps you prosper.

Individuality that works within your current production workflow

Short response time to market trends

Maximum flexibility with high profitability

Higher margins for small print runs


Customized products that meet your customer requirements. Offer your customers a variety of free image archives within the online editor or order through the upload function. Whether individualized labels or standard security stickers - size, shape and color can be revised by the customer.
This image for Image Layouts addon

Smart Editor

The Smart Editor is an innovative graphical online editor that enables your customers to create browser-based print templates. Everyone can design their own product quickly and easily - without installing any additional software! The user-friendly interface with an extensive range of tools allows you to design sophisticated layouts even without prior design experience. Your customer can design his labels directly online, or visually check an already created design. The technology of the editor always ensures the creation of flawless print data. A clear advantage for you, as time-consuming post-processing of incorrect print information is no longer necessary.
This image for Image Layouts addon


Customers can access preconfigured design templates for all products online. These templates are the basis for the integrated corporate technology. You provide the customer with a template that he can edit online in the Smart Editor. In it only certain areas are released for editing. This ensures that all corporate design specifications of a brand are retained and that only specific text and images can be changed.
This image for Image Layouts addon


Customers also have the option of uploading their own pictures (jpg, png) or layouts into the editor. These are displayed directly in the editor and can be used to design the end product. All image and external data uploaded by the user are checked in real time using predefined parameters like resolution and size.


3D Preview

Preview individually designed labels directly on the corresponding product (e.g. bottle, tube, carton).

External image databases

Links directly to the extensive image databases of Adobe Stock, 123RF and Colourbox give your customers access to millions of images on almost any subject.


Clipart images always remain in vector format and are therefore infinitely scalable. In addition, any number of colors can be created, which can then be individually changed in the editor.

Image archive

Make your own unique images available to your customers online and sorted by topic. Create your own image library that can be accessed by your customers. Images are stored online and sorted by topic.

Quality index for pixel images

In the editor, all pixel images are checked in real time for their suitability for printing. The image resolution parameters can be adjusted individually for each product.


Vector-based patterns that fill an area of any size are seamlessly aligned. They can be randomly scaled and the contained colors can be changed individually.