Release Notes 1.9.0 - Durst Workflow

With version 1.9.0, users can take advantage of several new features in the environment of the Impose Editor, automated processing of Production Jobs, Color Management and data handling. In addition, improvements have been implemented in the area of print data management, editing and output.

New Features in version 1.9.0

Create or open an Imposition
Create or open an Imposition
When you open the Impose Editor, a modal dialog opens, offering to create a new Imposition or to open an existing one.
 Adobe Illustrator CC 2021 - Compatibility
The current Plug-in version is compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC 2021 (version 25.2). If the current Plug-in is installed on a Mac, it is not compatible with older versions of Illustrator.
Add multiple Dielines
It is possible to add multiple Dielines, e.g. Kisscut and Creasing, to the imposition in the Impose Editor.
 Open or place with the Plug-in
When checking out a file in Adobe Illustrator, the user can now decide whether to open the file in Illustrator or place it. When placing, the file cannot be modified, but variable data or new objects can be added.
Open or place with the Plug-in
Number of copies in the File Manager
Number of copies in the File Manager
When adding Print Items, a dialog for specifying the number of copies opens in this version. If the option key is pressed, the dialog is skipped and the currently applied number of copies is used.
„Print Item“ tab
The number of copies and the scale per Print Item can now be adjusted directly.
„Print Item“ tab
Unplaced Print Items
Unplaced Print Items

Underproduced as well as unplaced Print Items are displayed below the Artboard, with a corresponding number.

Warnings when saving a imposition
When saving the imposition, all warnings and errors contained in the imposition are listed. This message must be accepted by the user in order to save the imposition.
Warnings when saving a imposition
User-defined sorting
User-defined sorting
Sorting criteria (Print Item Name, Order Name, User-defined Fields, etc.) are available in Nesting Mode and can be combined with each other. Sorting can also be used in Step & Repeat Mode to sort different Print Items per column.
Double-sided Output for Nesting
In addition to Single-sided and Multipage Output, a new impose mode called Double-sided Output is available. With this option, nestings can be prepared for double-sided printing according to the settings selected.
Double-sided Output for Nesting
Trimming Captions
There are two ways to trim the content of a Caption or to only use parts of the Caption. To do this, the Caption must be added and then expanded with the appropriate syntax.
Two additional Captions are available for labeling sheet numbers. The current sheet number and the total number of sheets can be selected.
Optimization for Nesting
Optimization for Nesting
 * Optimization for Nesting
Nesting can be optimized to reduce material consumption. The optimization can be applied to Single- or Multiple-sided impositions.
 * Applying Simulation
On one hand, this allows the color output of a previously used RIP to be reproduced or, on the other hand, several printing systems to be synchronized with regard to color output. Only when sending to the printer, are all necessary profiles are calculated and applied correctly.
Applying Simulation
Split multipage PDFs
Split multipage PDFs
A new system-wide setting can be found under the menu item Administration > Settings under Rip Settings. With this setting, split pages from a multipage document can be sent to the printer in exactly the same order as specified in the multipage document.
Keep Multipage Sequence
Under the menu item Administration > Settings and here Rip Settings a new system-wide setting can be found. With this setting, split pages of a multipage document can be sent to the printer in exactly the same order as specified in the multipage document.
Keep Multipage Sequence
Support for Primer
Especially for Delta SPC printing systems, outputting primer on the printer is now available. If a primer is selected, an additional “Primer” profiling step is required.
Additional Columns in the Article-List
Two additional columns have been added - Technical Colors and Output as Separation. This way, normal Spot Colors, Technical Colors and Spot Colors that are output as separations (e.g. White, Primer, Varnish...) are displayed separately in the list view.
Split multipage PDFs in Hotfolders
For each Processing Mode, an additional option “Split multi-page document” can be activated. If single pages are generated, an additional option “Keep split pages together” can be activated. By activating this option, the split pages will be processed in one Production Job.
ZIP Hotfolder
All Print Items with the supported file type, in the ZIP are combined in a single Production Job and processed in the Hotfolder.
Connecting Analytics to the Workflow
Connecting Analytics to the Workflow
When creating a printer, the “Analytics Collector” from the selected printer can be specified. By registering the collector, information can be transferred from the printer to the Workflow. At the moment, Substrates can be compared and imported between the two systems.
New System Routines
Two new system routines are available under the menu item Administration > Routines. The first routine makes it possible to delete all intermediate versions that were created when applying Fixups. The second routine moves all Production Jobs with a selected status to the recycling bin.
New System Routines
Duplicating Fixup Chains
 Duplicating Fixup Chains
Previously created Fixup Chains can be duplicated, modified and used together with all defined Fixups and their values.
 * Extended XML processing

The XML job ticket for a Hotfolder can now contain/ generate additional settings:

  • Create a Production Job with multiple Print Items
  • Include information about the Production Job and Print Item(s)
  • Apply Fixups to selected Print Items
  • Create an imposition based on an Impose Template
Cutting Devices

ABG Cutting Device

  • The Digicon Digilase 4.0 series cutters can be controlled with the version.
Summa Cutting Devices

  • The S-Class2 series cutters can be controlled ad the data is transferred to the GoSign Software.
Zund Cutting Device

  • Zund CutPro can be controlled from this version
Measuring devices integration

The following measuring devices from X-Rite are supported:

  • X-Rite i1Pro3 / Plus
  • X-Rite i1iO3 with i1Pro3 / Plus

  • Add Pole Pockets
    Adds a hemstitch to the top or bottom edge of the design on the front.
  • Create Colored Bleed
    Creates a colored Bleed to extend the existing background.
  • Create Unprinted Rectangle
    Creates a blank rectangle based on the entered starting point using defined width and height.
  • Convert Page Content to an Image
    Rasterizes the entire page content of the design. This can bypass problems that arise in the few cases in the output when ripping.
  • Create White Only Separation
    Creates a white separation (Spot Color) from all white shapes contained in the design.
  • Delete Separation
    Deletes selected separations of objects of any type that are created in CMYK.
  • Assign Source Profile for RGB objects
    Assign an ICC profile for RGB objects that do not have a source profile.
  • Upscale Image Resolution
    The resolution for color, grayscale, or blackand-white images is scaled up to the specified target resolution.
  • Create Spot Color separation depending on total Ink Coverage
    Creates a separation using the selected Spot Color from the current page content, depending on the total ink coverage.
  • Create Bleed by Mirroring
    Generates Bleed by stretching the border area
Revised Fixups

  • Add Outline to text
  • Create line on Box
  • Add white outline for colored areas
  • Fill PageBox with Spot Color
  • Scale Page Content
  • Convert Registration Color
  • Remove Printing Objects in Defined Area
  • Delete Separation
  • Fill a Shape with Spot Color
  • Add Finishing
  • Add Grommets
  • Add Spot Color to Printing Objects
New functions in the areas of Articles, Production Jobs as well as in Subscription are available in the Rest API:

  • The status of an Print Item/Article can be updated via PATCH request.
  • A multi-page Print Item/Article can be split into single pages after check-in.
  • Subscription Controller now allows subscription to internal processes like splitPages, motif-apply-profile, calculate-ink-usage. This allows connected systems to monitor these processes.


Force Print Job
Production Jobs that have been created via Force Print use the name of the Print item by default from this version onwards when separate Production Jobs are created per Print Item.
Hotfolder Processing
The option “Process multipage PDFs” has been removed from the Hotfolder settings. This option is automatically enabled in the background.
Output Settings
Output Templates can be configured and selected in the Hotfolder as well as in the Create Production Job dialog. Therefore, the “Finishing” and “Advanced” tabs in the Create Hotfolder dialog have been removed.
Filter Options
In the Article, Collection, Order, Print Item and Production Job Lists, it is possible to use user-defined fields to filter results.
Delete multiple Print Item
Multiple Print items in a Production Job can be deleted at the same time.
Automatic Status changes
The status of a Print Item or Article changes automatically after an Approval Report has been created to “Waiting for Approval”
Units for Fixups
The system-wide defined unit of length is automatically used in Workflow dialogs now.
Impose Statistics
Under Production Job > Impose tab, the statistical data of the imposition are displayed in even more detail as of this version.
Processing power
Render performance has been improved in this version so that the system is overloaded less quickly. Processes running in parallel are split evenly to make the best use of hardware resources.
 Fixup Chain – Intermediate Versions
The intermediate versions of Print Items/Articles, which are generated after each Fixup is applied in a Fixup Chain, are no longer saved. This minimizes the Fixup Chain processing time of and reduces the amount storage needed.
 Approval und Ink Reports
Determine whether to display an internal ID and if the preview image should contain Bleed or not using Custom Approval and Ink Consumption Reports.
  • Fill a Shape with Spot Color
    Can also be used for in Fixup Chain as of now.
    for Workflow +
  *  for Workflow + with Add-on
   * for Workflow with Add-on