Release Notes 1.7.8 - Durst Workflow

With version 1.7.8, new features are included in the Impose Editor, Cutting Devices and we have updated how Print Items, Articles and Orders are handled. Additional improvements have been made concerning Fixups and Print Data processing.

New Features in Version 1.7.8

Datei Manager im Montage Editor
Impositions based on either ImageBox or Image-Box + Bleed
Create impositions based on the ImageBox or the ImageBox + Bleed in the Impose Editor.
One Print Item per Column in Step & Repeat
Now you can choose between One Print Item per Column or Various Print Items per Column in Step and Repeat.
Skalieren in den regelbasierten Montagemodi
Erweiterte Nesting Optionen
Offset per lane for Step & Repeat

Now you can define a vertical offset per lane in Step and Repeat. This offset is for a better finishing.

New placement method for Marks
There are now three modes available for the Placement method when adjusting Marks for a Cutter: Fit to Job, Fit to Object and Best Fit.
Sortenreine Spalten für Step & Repeat
 Extended options for Orders > Print Items
The Print Item list now offers the following
  • Multi-select Print Items
  • Multi-selecting to Edit Print Items
  • Apply Fixups to multiple Print Items
  • Apply a Fixup Chain to multiple Print Items
  • Create a Production Job from multiple Print Items from different Orders.
 Extended Filtering options for Print Items
The following options have been added to the text search function:
  • ID
  • Name
  • Order Name
  • Substrate
  • Comment
  • Ext.ID
  • Customer
 New status for Orders
The “Approved” status has been added to Orders.
 New Status for Print Items/ Articles
The status “data Check” is set automatically during check-in when a warning or error appears.
The following new Fixups have been added:
  • Rotate Page Content
    This Fixup rotates page content using the specified angle when applied.
  • Change Tint Value for White Channel
    This Fixup removes the existing White Channel when applied and replaces it with a traced color area using the defined tint value.
  • Convert RGB-Vector-Object to the CMYK-Working-Space
    With this correction, RGB vector objects can be subsequently converted into the CMYK working color space.
  • Set MediaBox to origin
    This correction can be used to correct PDF files whose MediaBox is not set to 0/0 in the origin.
 Extended Filter options
In the Print Item List you can filter this list using the following new criteria.
  • Color Policy
  • Dimensions
  • Due Date
  • Order Number
  • Order Name
  • Print Item Status
Muster für Step & Repeat
Saving Filters system-wide for a specific user
User-defined filters are now saved specifically for that user, and are accessible when logging in to other browsers as well.
Adobe Illustrator Plug-In
The newest version of Adobe Illustrator 2020 (version 24.2) released in June 2020 can be operated using Plug-in version


Change the Color Policy for selected Print Items in an Order
We now offer a function which allows the ability to change the Color policy for all Print Items in an Order Item at once.
Re-profiling Charts
New Re-profiling charts for the »X-Rite - i1Pro« measurement device are now available.
Hotfolder Error Handling
Error messages have been integrated to inform the user that certain Hotfolders could not be started or stopped for specific reasons.
  • Convert Pure Black to Rich Black
    This Fixup got extended with two new options: Convert Color Space and Apply to. It is now possible to convert gray-scale images to Rich Black covering all tonal values.
  • Scale Page Content
    This Fixup scales page content according to the percentage entered or to the absolute values entered, depending on the option selected. Existing Bleed is adjusted accordingly.
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