Release Notes 1.7.7 - Durst Workflow

With this version, users can take advantage of several new features in the Impose Editor, Automated Processing of Production Jobs and Automated Fixups. In addition, improvements have been added in both color management and the processing and output of print data.

New features in version 1.7.7

File Manager in the Impose Editor
File Manager in the Impose Editor
In addition to the previously added Articles tab, the File Manager now also offers access to files in both Orders and Production Jobs.
Scaling in rule-based Impose Modes
Scaling the width and / or height of Print Items is now possible when using rule-based impose modes.
Scaling in rule-based Impose Modes
Improvements to the Nesting Options
Improvements to the Nesting Options
The following new options are available for Nesting

• Orientation:   
  •    Vertical
  •    Horizontal
• Arrange:
  •    Keep Print Items together
  •    Consider Print Item sequence
  •    Use only one Print Item per Column
• Filling:
  •    Keep exact ratio of Copies
  •    Allow Overproduction
  •    Force number of Copies
• Rotation:
  •    Non-Uniform Rotation
  •    Uniform Rotation
  •    0° Rotation
  •    90° Rotation
Repeat single items per column in Step & Repeat
With Version 1.7.7 columns maintain single Print Items per column.
Repeat single items per column in Step & Repeat
Tiling - One Size Fits All
Tiling - One Size Fits All
Optimizes the cutting of Tiles by creating multiple Tiles using the same width and height.
Head Turn Step & Repeat
Additional Head Turn function »Head Turn on Row and Column«.
Head Turn Step & Repeat
Nesting - Improved Utilization
Nesting - Improved Utilization
Reduces Substrate waste and increases utilization rates.
Step & Repeat - Pattern
The new Pattern function optimizes Print Item offset.
Step & Repeat - Pattern
Ordering for Grids
Choose between eight different Ordering options when placing Print Items in a Grid.
 Adobe Illustrator CC 2020
The Plug-in is now compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC 2020.
From Version 1.7.7 individual Print Items can be scaled using predefined ratios: 1:1, 1:2, 1:5 and 1:10. This allows the processing of Print Items in their original size.
We’ve added two new box types to the Workflow.

• ImageBox: defines the visual format and can be assigned to any page geometry box.

• ImageBox+Bleed: defines the production format which consists of the ImageBox plus expected Bleed. This can also be defined globally.

• Check-in: automatically applying PDF geometry boxes during check-in has been discarded. By setting the ImageBox, the desired visual format is used.
Fixup Chains
Fixup Chains

 This new feature allows an unlimited amount of Fixups to be “chained” together and stored in a Fixup Chain. Fixup Chains can be applied automatically in both Force Print and Hotfolders, as well as applied manually in Print Item view or Article view.

Auto-Nesting for Hotfolders
With Auto-Nesting for Hotfolders, the degree of utilization and elapsed time is defined. When the Hotfolder is started, Print Items are continuously imposed. If the degree of utilization or the maximum time duration is reached, a Production Job is generated and optionally sent to the printer. New Print Items are then automatically processed by creating additional Production Jobs.
Auto-Nesting for Hotfolders
Support for Fotoba Cutting Devices

The cutting devices from the Digitrim series, WRSeries and XL-Series from Fotoba can now be controlled with this version.
 New Fixups
The following new Fixups have been added:

• Set Scale Factor
• CreateBleed on Irregular Shape
• Add Edge Reinforcement
• Rename Spot Color
• Redraw Dieline


Mirroring Cut Data
Mirroring Cut Data
Starting with this version, cut data can be mirrored horizontally and/or vertically. The cutting marks are not mirrored.
Color Management Improvements

• Pre-Linearization: when calculating the pre-linearization, light colors are omitted.

• Linearization: a new method for calculating the maximum chroma value has been developed. The G7 linearization can now also be used for gamut-extending color spaces.

• BlackStart for Spot Colors: when calculating color strategies, the BlackStart for Spot Colors can now also be defined.

• Reprofiling: reprofiling is calculated and applied so that the differences in the profile is created and applied in color management.
Render Performance Optimization
To optimize render performance we offer three additional parameters in the Workflow.
Print Item View Loupe Improvements
The preview in Print Item view now uses highresolution preview images, now our new loupe provides a sharp preview with a higher zoom factor. Substrate Categories Substrates can be changed from one Substrate Category to another.
Print Item View Loupe Improvements
License Information

Starting with this version, additional information pertaining to the current license is displayed in the System Status area under the License Information tab.
Substrate Categories
Substrates can be changed from one Substrate Category to another.
New Dither Modes

New dither modes are available for single-pass & multi-pass printing systems as of this version.
Job-Ticket extensions
Additional parameters were added to both the LFP/CPD Job-Ticket formats.
 Improvements to existing Fixups

Create Bleed by mirroring
Technical Colors are ignored and not mirrored.

Rotate and/or Mirror Page
Files can now be either rotated and/or mirrored.

• Add Finishing
  • Scaling based either on a percentage oron the long/Short edge
  • Add Welding Lines
  • Add Bleed by mirroring
  • Remove existing Bleed
• Add Dieline from Center
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