Release Notes 1.6.0 - Durst Analytics

Version 1.6.0 offers two new charts. Analytics gives the possibility to read out the condition of UV lamps and filters (TAU). The KPI list can now be combined in several time aggregations to compare the data over days/weeks/months/years.

Version Highlights 1.6.0

New Features

• New UV Lamps Condition Chart (Label)
• New Filter Condition Chart (Label)
• Individualization of the Analytics Overview page per machine type


• Possibility to change the granularity of the KPI - Detail Statistics (Day, Week, Month, Year)
• Improved time overview in the Printer Event Timeline Chart
• Inclusion of the error totals in the KPI List
• Refactoring of the Analytics global filter
• Combine all analytics export possibilities into one centralized function.


• White Overprint is included in the ink calculation
• Synchronization of master data between Service Portal and Analytics
• Correction of the discrepancy in Job Ink Usage for P5 350/210 (plate printing)