DCP Digitaldruck & Profilsysteme, Gütersloh, Germany

SmartShop solution from Durst enables DCP to reach new target audiences

Oliver Knaup, Managing Director of DCP Digitaldruck & Profiltechnik
“With Durst, I’m dealing with people who know what they’re talking about. From the front-end through data preparation to the route to the printer, Durst is our competent partner for web shop support.” Oliver Knaup, Managing Director of DCP Digitaldruck & Profiltechnik
For over 20 years, the innovative company DCP, based in Gütersloh, Germany, has been supplying graphics and large format digital prints to the event and trade fair industry. Oliver Knaup, Managing Director of DCP, had long been considering setting up a web shop to expand the business and reach new target audiences.
Durst Smart Editor - bedruckte Tapete

“Durst knows our business very well and was of course known to us as a manufacturer of printers. As the web shop idea took shape, Durst was our first port of call. ‘Web to Production’ means much more than just implementing software and building a shop. Our customers expect high-quality bespoke products, the print data must be prepared correctly and the finish determined right from the start. With their wealth of experience, Durst helped us to set up our online shop at www.megafabric.de, and we knew exactly that we would be technically up to date with Durst’s design templates. We were able to go live with the shop in less than four weeks!”

Since autumn 2018, thanks to Durst’s SmartShop solution, DCP has been offering high-quality photo and design products such as custom seating cubes, photo rugs, towels and other accessories for the home, offices, trade fairs and events. Customers can also order printed textiles, such as canvas, velour and cotton, for pillowcases, curtains and tablecloths. Designs are easy to create using the configurator. There are 12,000 examples of Pattern Design and images from the ADOBE Stock Collection available in the shop. Text and images can be added to the designs. It is also possible to create complete designs on the computer at home and upload the file via the configurator.

“This enables us to reach important new target audiences such as architects, home planners and interior designers who are very involved with the event and trade fair industry,” explains Oliver Knaup. “The user friendliness of the flexible software has already been praised by many customers and means we can offer a large design portfolio. Customers are particularly enthusiastic about the online design tool smartEDITOR. This makes it easy to design custom products, which can then be viewed as a 3D preview. This gives customers a much better idea of what the end product will look like. You can even superimpose your own photos into digital drafts! It’s a simple tool, but very effective.”

“We’re still in the early stages,” says Oliver Knaup. “But order volumes are growing steadily thanks to our extensive advertising campaign. Customers are very satisfied with the quick ordering process and the products. Durst continues to provide very professional support and a very good partnership has been developed. We’re in the best hands with Durst!”

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