CCL Printing Solutions, Hamburg, Germany

Durst's SmartShop Solution enables CCL to accurately implement its online business ideas

CCL Online Shop

"Durst's solution-oriented approach and the flexibility of the SmartShop Solution have convinced us so much that we now already offer our customers two online stores."

Frederik Möller, Managing Director, CCL Printing Solutions GmbH

CCL Printing Solutions GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, has been using Durst's SmartShop solution since 2015. After the online store, which focused mostly on Plexiglas products, had successfully established itself and attracted the interest of many new customers, the company opened a second online store in 2018 with the help of Durst. Now CCL also offers its wide-ranging product portfolio online, making the ordering process simple and fast. In the meantime, both webshops generate more than 20% of annual sales - a success with which Frederik Möller, Managing Director of CCL Printing Solutions GmbH, is more than satisfied.

CCL Printing Solutions has been the specialist company for digital printing on all materials for over 30 years. Using the latest UV technology, CCL produces digital prints on Plexiglas, plastic, AluDibond, glass, PVC and many more. The product portfolio also includes many classics, such as PVC banners, rollup systems and popup displays.

"Several years ago it had already become apparent that our special product range was attracting more and more direct and industrial customers, such as artists and trade fair operators. With the advance of the Internet, we realized that the best way to reach these customers was through an online store. Thus, the idea for our first internet store was born, specifically for plexiglass products for lighting design, art, trade shows, interior design and more."


Frederik Möller sought advice from various suppliers. "We were most impressed by a presentation from Durst, and after our years of good experience with Durst in the laser printing sector, the decision was easy. The photo-based SmartShop Solution is ideal for our special requirements, as it is extremely flexible and very user-friendly at the same time. With the help of the smartEDITOR, customers can quickly upload their designs, create cutouts and then easily design their desired products themselves with different background colors, texts and logos. In doing so, they are even able to take into account special features such as drill holes in plexiglass printing!"

After a short time, the investment proved to be very successful and CCL expanded its customer base in many areas. "The next step was to plan a second web store to offer our entire classic portfolio. Durst provided us with advice and support in this process as well. Although the planning of the second store was much more extensive, the entire process from setting up to launching the online store was then much easier than expected thanks to Durst's professional support and assistance. The communication between us was just great. During the development phase Durst was very flexible and implemented our wishes and ideas quickly. The result is a high-quality web store that is well received by our customers.

Of course, it can also happen that the software alone is not enough to fulfill all online customer requirements. "But that's not a problem," says Frederik Möller. "Customers can contact us directly online and take advantage of the extensive know-how of our employees to realize very specific projects. We are also thrilled with how easy it is to expand the product range online or add more buttons. Our customers are convinced by the simple and efficient ordering process and the sales figures confirm this! In the meantime, both online stores account for over 20% of our total annual sales. We are very satisfied with this. In Durst, we have found a long-standing and reliable partner who understands our business and the demands of our customers very well."